Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Crazy Month

It happened again....I went missing.  I have a good reason this time. My classroom flooded a few weeks ago and I have moved twice in a week! Our current room is a more permanent option because the repair schedule is a little slow and with the government shutdown who knows when it will happen. (I teach at a federally funded school)

The move kinda played a role in upsetting the balance of the class so we spent a couple weeks relearning appropriate behavior. I also had some student switching one moved to a new school and I got two new ones I am now up to 23.

I wanted to give an update on student centers. I am new to implementing centers in my classroom, honestly they were always something I thought of for the primary grades and thought my kids would be too "old". How wrong I was! Our center work is educational versus busy type work. I finally was brave enough to release the reins and allow my students to work through a menu model versus me dictating what centers needed to be completed that day. The results were surprising ....they were ready. I feel like I could have probably done it sooner, but am glad we waited due to the flooding. I wasn't ready to let go of my control of the students and was afraid of chaos. They surprised me with a pure dedication to completing the tasks for the week.

How do you work student centers?

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  1. 23 students! I am so envious! I have 33 5th graders. It's overwhelming.