Thursday, November 8, 2012

Native American Heritage Month

November is in full swing and my students are loving our theme this month. We are celebrating Native American Heritage all month! I selected The Birchbark House a CCSS exemplar text, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Walk Two Moons for our literature circles this month. The Birchbark House took awhile to come in so I had that group start reading Who Was Sacagaewa first. They love those biographies. If you have not added some to your class library I highly recommend them. My students have been reading them up! In addition to the literature circles we have been reading creation stories from various tribes including the Dine (my students are Dine/Navajo). We have been comparing and contrasting the stories to the Dine creation story. For Social Studies we have been reading about the various regions and our read aloud is focused on the Navajo Long Walk. I will post about our research project next.

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