Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teacher Hack - Avery Labels

I LOVE Avery Address (5160) and Shipping (5164) Labels. I use them for everything! I have already printed my students names for next year on a few sheets. They make the first day back a breeze. I simply peel and stick. I don't like to label everything with their names just in case I have no shows. This saves me from the headache of writing their names over and over. I also get to use some really cute fonts so I don't have to look at my handwriting!

I  use the labels to put my students names on my carpet squares. We are required to have our students line up in Boy/Girl order and it saves me from having line up issues. When I say line up they simply go to their square. I cover the label with shipping tape. I don't have any issues with the tape or label sticking to my carpet and leaving a residue,but you may need to test this on your carpet first. They usually start peeling after a few months, but I need to change the line around the same time so it works! I have put another label with their name on the opposite corner before that ordered  my students by bus. I stopped doing this because I have specials classes at the end of the day and no longer walk my students to the bus because the specials teacher does. Putting names on squares has made us really fast at lining up, especially during a fire drill! I will share pictures of this on my Instagram when I put them down in a few weeks. Give me a follow @ratliffbl.

I also use the labels for my personal classroom library. I put three labels in each of my books. The first label is the This Book Belongs To Mrs. Ratliff, under that one I have a label to record AR test information (Quiz Number, Book Level, and Points), the last label is the genre.

I also use Avery Shipping Labels to label my book bins. I have not figured out a great way to insert pictures or graphics to make them more presentable in Word. I usually just print the background on the label first then print the label with the title.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mountain State Meet Up

I had an amazing trip to Colorado at the beginning of the month! It was such a treat to get an invite to participate a meeting of the minds with other bloggers and TpT authors. I learned great things that have had an impact on me in the weeks that have followed the Meet Up.

First of all I had no idea that there would be so many goodies! The giveaways were amazing!! I was lucky enough to get a giveaway bag filled with goodies from almost all of the donors for driving over 500 miles to attend the meet up.
Here are all of the generous donors!
I have already spent my Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards. I am so excited to use the GoNoodle lanyards and stickers in our class store next school year! Syllabuy had amazing donations! I got a really useful bag, t-shirt, and travel mug. WOW! I'm going to go through everything to see how I can put it to good use.

I really enjoyed the school supply exchange. I got some new purple pens, Post It notes, and magnets!

Here is your chance to snag some goodies for yourself!

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year....New Blog Goal!

Being a reflective teacher is my goal for this year! I am hoping that transitions into being more consistent with my blog posts. I have had a rocky start, but I am optimistic for the future.

Weekly lesson plans are a great place to start. The lesson plans that I turn in to administration are a little lengthy! I am still working on making them more meaningful to what I need on a daily basis. It is a living document, so I make changes often. I keep my basic structure and the required components, but I have been trying to add for myself.

My morning starts with the amazing Daily Morning Work from Young, Teacher, Love. I purchased it from TpT here: 5th Grade Common Core Daily Morning Work. My students love this resource and I love that is aligned to the Common Core! It is a great filler as my students trickle into the classroom from breakfast.

After everyone is in we start our Read Aloud. I preferred to have my read aloud after lunch, but our lunch time has since moved so I now start our Reading Block with the read aloud. We are currently reading Fish in a Tree. It is AMAZING!

 My Reading block is all morning. It starts with our Focus Lesson. I have been struggling with getting my students to think critically while they reading. For our Focus lessons I will be using a resource from Laura Robb. During small group instruction I will be using a favorite Notice and Note. I made some anchor charts for the Notice and Note reading strategies and you can get them free on TpT. After SSR we will start our shared reading. We will be starting The Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963.

I will continue with the rest of my day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Staying on Track

How do you stay on track with small groups and centers? I use to try and track it in my head and put them on my weekly lesson plans that I turn in, but never look at during the week. Our Principal recently started requiring the teachers to turn them in at the beginning of the week and I was not on board…at first. I tried submitting what I gave my students to stay on track during the week which is a Center Menu. That was soon rejected and was asked to turn in a specific form. I tweaked it to fit my needs more and I love it! It keeps me on track and I can better record who I am seeing. I am sharing my Small Group and Center Planner as well as my Center Menu.

Fun fonts from: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kimberly-Geswein-Fonts

and Graphics from: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Krista-Wallden

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Crazy Month

It happened again....I went missing.  I have a good reason this time. My classroom flooded a few weeks ago and I have moved twice in a week! Our current room is a more permanent option because the repair schedule is a little slow and with the government shutdown who knows when it will happen. (I teach at a federally funded school)

The move kinda played a role in upsetting the balance of the class so we spent a couple weeks relearning appropriate behavior. I also had some student switching one moved to a new school and I got two new ones I am now up to 23.

I wanted to give an update on student centers. I am new to implementing centers in my classroom, honestly they were always something I thought of for the primary grades and thought my kids would be too "old". How wrong I was! Our center work is educational versus busy type work. I finally was brave enough to release the reins and allow my students to work through a menu model versus me dictating what centers needed to be completed that day. The results were surprising ....they were ready. I feel like I could have probably done it sooner, but am glad we waited due to the flooding. I wasn't ready to let go of my control of the students and was afraid of chaos. They surprised me with a pure dedication to completing the tasks for the week.

How do you work student centers?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template

I have been struggling for over a month to find the perfect lesson plan template for my guided reading groups. I didn't find one so I finally made one that I think is just right for me. I am sharing it and hoping it will help you! Here is a link to it in my TpT store. It is a free download! :) Happy Wednesday to you!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Missing Teacher!

Well I basically fell of the blog world lately (not that I have ever been real consistent, but it's a goal!). I have officially completed our first month of school and am excited for the long weekend! Between our air conditioner being on the fritz and water issues the school year has started a little rocky!

This year I have started my reading mini-lessons with teaching QAR's, my guided reading groups and literature circle are in full swing, and I have officially started using centers (Yikes!)..(and I love them!). Centers....we have had some amazing help from some consultants based out of Phoenix (Empower). I love them!!! They have helped me rethink what I need to be doing in the classroom and now I don't feel as guilty for not pulling out the basal. Basically I have 5 reading groups (4 guided reading groups and 1 literature circle group ...and 1 student working on independent study (he does not play well with others any ideas???)). I have 2 centers a day, SSR, and a computers. My high literature circle group only meets with me 2 days a week and my higher guided reading group meets with me 3 days per week. I meet with all other groups 5 days per week.

Thanks to some help my latest donorschoose.org project got funded!!!! I now have the largest selection of books for guided reading and classroom library. I have had to shift my room around to accommodate the new books which is a problem I don't mind tackling! Well worth the time to set up if you haven't done so already.

I will do my best to take some pics of our class this week. I do have some of our newest books though!

Have a great loooong weekend!!!